“The journey towards world peace means rising above limitations and barriers so that no horizon of one country, culture or race is seen, but that of the whole world.”
As an artist, I create works that narrates the connection between nature, divinity above & within; as a way of holistic therapy & education. I invite the viewers to call upon a quest for finding one’s true self, universal truth and our vision for humanity. I am cultivating more personal project that engage people of all ages in exploring critical ideas and concerns of our time. Even though, this sometimes means confronting uncomfortable truths. Through visual storytelling, I hope to inspire my audience and future generations to advance our ability as free thinkers and to care for the earth. I believe in the power of art & storytelling to foster a climate, culture & community that advocate authentic representation of culture, freedom of speech & freedom to express one’s true self.
"My art comes from the heaven I see on earth. The light for the New Earth. My way of reaching out to share my perspective is visual storytelling. I will let my art speak for itself." 

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